Section is totally new item which gives you lot`s of possibilities with creating pages. Now you can split each page, post or portfolio item for sections. Section is a part of page and can have own settings. Please take a look on image below to see what you can do:

section item for muffin builder
As you can see on image above, this item can have many different options. Below we are going to explain all of them:

  • Background Image (each section can have different image/pattern for background)
  • Background Image position (each section can have different background image)
  • Background Color (each section can have different background color)
  • Layout (you can choose if you want section with sidebar or not - each section can have own sidebar what is really amazing and people loves it)
  • Sidebar (each section have have different sidebar and in different place)
  • Padding Top (you can set up padding for section from top)
  • Padding Bottom (you can set up padding for section from bottom)
  • Style (you can set up 1 of 5 styles for section: Default, Dark, Highlight Left, Highlight Right and Full width)
  • Custom CSS classes (you can type own class for section - this is really great option for all those who want to get special style for section). For example you can add here my-own-super-section class and then you can go to Theme options > Layout > Custom CSS section and write there own styles for this class:

    .my-own-super-section { margin: 30px; padding: 20px; font-size: 15px; etc... }

    This is just example of what you can do so please do not use above css :)
If you want to use multiple classes then please separate them with SPACE. We have one built-in class for this section which is named dark and you can use it if you want to get dark background.

Below we are going to show you some section examples

4th example (Revolution Slider)

You can use Revolution Slider anywhere you want with any size you like.
[rev_slider blog]
Remember! You can use "Section" item for any solutions you like. This is so powerful tool and if you have a little imagination you can do everything. Really, it is not a joke! EVERYTHING!